Exhore Group

The Management:

Yannick AURÉ
At the end of the 80's he created the brand MISTER BED, a new concept in the low price hotel business. His team made 25 hotels look sufficiently attractive to be bought by an investment company in November 2001. Five years later the number of hotels had increased three times over and the productivity had increased by 35%. In November 2006, the hotels were bought out by one of the biggest investment companies in the world.
Yannick AURÉ then suggested to some of his former colleagues the idea of creating a group to manage hotels based on an innovative marketing and sales approach. The Company EXHORE (Exploitation, Hôtels, Résidences) was created in July 2007.

CERISE, is a chain of hotels and residences. You are actually using the CERISE website.

CERISE, is a brand name which belongs to AXIVE, the majority shareholder of EXHORE, a property management company www.exhore.fr

CERISE, places to stay where the consumer will find the type of accommodation adapted to his needs: the right place, the right price, good facilities and amenities to make his stay unique.

CERISE ? What a strange name!
Like today's consumer who wants to be seduced and recognised, who is looking for new experiences, both polymorphous, zapper and interactive, CERISE is a brand full of surprises: seductive, playful, chatty, interactive, friendly, beautiful and relaxed...
CERISE is a simple name, straightforward... so ordinary but so terribly different !

Who is CERISE ?
CERISE is the brand that didn't exist before in the hotel industry...
The brand for the consumer who was looking for novelty, for new experiences. For those on the lookout, those who swear by Web 2.0, those who need space adapted to their lifestyle, the brand for those who want more than just a simple night's stay.

Children love CERISE because it makes them laugh, women love CERISE because they have time to themselves, families love CERISE because they are specially looked after, business men love CERISE because they find the best in new technologies... even the planet Earth loves CERISE for its respect of the environment.
Far from all that you already know, far from the standards and the codes of the traditional brands of accommodation, CERISE is a brand new concept which will surprise everybody on the market! At all times of the year, for business, for family week ends, for romantic escapes, in the country, in the mountains, by the sea or in the centre of town CERISE offers 10 possibilities which will give you total satisfaction.